Dr Ellie Chowns

for North Herefordshire

Dr Ellie Chowns

for North Herefordshire

Vote Ellie Chowns on Thursday 4th July

Meet Ellie

I’m standing to be your new MP to change things for the better. I promise to use my skills and experience to stand up for you.

I’ve lived in Herefordshire for 20 years with my family. As a local councillor, I’ve initiated projects including the Shop Local voucher scheme and the Free Weekend Buses. I also served as a Member of the European Parliament for the West Midlands.

My top priorities are strengthening our local economy, improving public services, and protecting nature.

Herefordshire needs an effective and principled MP. People are ready for change: my conversations with voters show I’m neck and neck with the Conservative.

I’m here to listen to you and represent you as a strong champion for North Herefordshire in Westminster! 

General Election voting intentions from our doorstep conversations with 5273 people across North Herefordshire June 2022-February 2024 are neck andneck between Ellie (37%) and the Conservative (38%)

For more detail about Ellie’s Plan for Herefordshire, including details on transport, please click here

Renew our Economy

Tackle the cost of living crisis and make the UK fit for the future


Repair our NHS

Invest in the vital public services we all rely on and support frontline workers


Restore our Rivers

Bring the Lugg and Wye back to life and protect nature and wildlife

Voice for North Herefordshire

The number one complaint I hear from residents: “the politicians don’t listen to us in Herefordshire”.

For too long there has been no voice for local people at Westminster. Ellie will be a strong voice for North Herefordshire.

Action to Protect Nature

Whether it’s river pollution, protection of our wildlife or tackling climate change, it’s clear we must change our national priorities.

As Green MP for North Herefordshire, Ellie will demand action to protect nature.

It's Ellie or the Conservatives

North Herefordshire has voted Conservative for over 100 years.

But the Green Party keeps winning local elections here, and is strong enough to take them on. At the next General Election, the choice is clear:
it’s Ellie or the Conservatives in North Herefordshire.

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Vote Ellie Chowns on 4th July

Vote Ellie Chowns on 4th July

Bring on the election! Local people all across North Herefordshire tell me they are ready for change. Finally, they will have their chance to vote for it by choosing Green at this General Election. So many local people who voted for the Conservatives, Lib Dems or...

At the Channel 4 local election debate

At the Channel 4 local election debate

I had a great time on Channel 4's local election debate last night. I was pleased to receive the only round of applause from the audience. And I also got to meet another Strictly superfan - Krishnan Gurthy.

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